Oops, White House National Cyberspace Strategy Acknowledges Information Warfare Operations

It’s becoming increasingly evident that in a World dominated by Information and Cyber Warfare type of leaks the U.S Intelligence Community should properly seek to account prosecute and track down primary and secondary sources of Information Leaks including the active covert acquisition of technological “know-how” for the purpose of ensuring a proper and smooth-running U.S National Security Policy. Who did steal the secrets to the Kingdom? Check this out.

It appears that the latest White House Cyber Security Strategy – 2018 is wrongly acknowledging the existence and prevalence of Information Warfare tactics including disinformation and trade-craft used by International Partners including rogue and nation-states. What’s the problem?

The United States will use all appropriate tools of national power to expose and counter the flood of online malign influence and information campaigns and non-state propaganda and disinformation. This includes working with foreign government partners as well as the private sector, academia, and civil society to identify, counter, and prevent the use of digital platforms for malign foreign influence operations while respecting civil rights and liberties.

Since when does the White House get involved in Military Affairs to copycat outdated and irrelevant from a U.S Cyber Warfare and Information Operations doctrine-based perspective? Keep reading. Is there a new rise of Military Thinkers that somehow manage to copycat old-school Soviet Union KGB-style type of “know-how” and methodologies for the purpose of re-booting a stegnant military concept known as assymetric warfare which basically intersects with modern Information Warfare? Definitely.

Let’s consider for instance the “Gerasimov Doctrine” which basically aims to shed more light in Russian Information Operations doctrine including a copycat type of initiatives known as disinformation and propaganda. What does the doctrine basically mean? It should be noted that Soviet Union KGB-style techniques and methodologies is similar to applying Sun Tzu’s military thinking and mind-set “know-how” to China’s Unrestricted Warfare doctrine which is basically a copycat thinking based on U.S Military research and analysis papers. Basically a copycat.

It should be also noted that massively investing in new technologies and techniques including “know-how” might definitely raise the eyebrows of the “Old Guard” that basically powers International military forces throughout a vast a modern military thinking and decision-making process. Is this a proper approach to rule and command one of the World’s Most Powerful Armies? Definitely not.

However, it should be also noted that such “innovative” and assymetric modes of thinking could definitely raise the eyebrows of the “Old Guard” leading to what can be best described as a “modern” compartmentalization and departmentalization of certain technques thinking and “know-how” which could greatly damage a military thinker’s long-term reputation within his own country’s military affairs leading to a possible misconduct and Intellectual Property assets damaging including a ruined reputation.

What does the White House National Cyberspace Strategy really mean in terms of Information Warfare operations? It’s a clear indication of a misunderstood trend in terms of implying basic Military Thinking courtesy of a foreign nation within the World’s Leading Cyber Warfare power portfolio of Military and Offensive Cyber Warfare doctrine.

Key points include:

  • Lead with Objective Collaborative Intelligence – a single-based government-private sector partnership could really proe to be the right track for the purpose of empowering the U.S Intelligence Community with the necessary data information and knowledge to stay ahead of current and emerging cyber threats.
  • Impose Consequences – the single greatest event that could possibly happen to a rogue state is the direct imposing of consequences in the Virtual Realm that could lead to wide-spread damage and stopping of a target country’s criticial infrastructure including the waging of Unrestricted and assymetric type of Information Operations to undermine the country’s ability to properly detect the campaign and proactively respond to its initial origin – The U.S Intelligence Community.
  • Build a Cyber Deterrence Initiative – international cooperation in terms of fighting cybercrime and rogue nation and malicious actor states should be definitely considered as a daily operation withi the U.S Intelligence Community. It should be also noted that a proper legislative measure in place could definitely wreack havoc within the U.S Intelligence Community’s classified and sensitive Offensive Cyber Warfare projects – “where the left hand doesn’t know what the right one is doing” also known as “departamental warfare”.
  • Counter Malign Cyber Influence and Information Operations – the very basic notion of discussing Military Affairs concepts technologies and methodologies within the U.S National Cyberspace Strategy could definitely lead to a negative “media-echo” effect with an unknown number of journalists and reseachers joining the bandwagoon to properly raise Russia’s eyebrows in the currently ongoing Information Warfare and offensive Cyber Warfare driven reality.

What the U.S Intelligence Community should definitely consider is to continue monitoring international sentiments in terms of leaked and stolen data including data and information including monitoring and isolating “media-echo” type of techniques and methodologies largely relying on popular SIGINT and OSINT “assets discovery” methodologies and techniques. A wake up call for the White House to continue watching over and fueling growth within the U.S Intelligence Community? Definitely.

A proper methodology might consist in relying on basic SIGINT and OSINT methodologies for processing national and pro-national including anti-national sentiments on a global scale to properly account for missing and stolen including leaked data courtesy of the U.S Intelligence Community and its allies. What would the U.S Intelligence Community do with the properly aquired data? It can definitely attempt to segment and properly anticipate to a possible military maneuver that also includes Cyberspace.

In a way of properly isolating these types of “media-echo” effects the U.S Intelligence Community can properly isolate and identify an upcoming flood of disinformation attempts and various other maneuvers courtesy of Russia or its International Allies including an Early Warning indication for a possible military build-up or related military campaigns in a specific region or Cyberspace Information Operation across the globe.

Brace yourselves for an upcoming flood of rogue and socially “dangerous” and degrading content and definitely consider sticking to your “primary sources of information”.

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