DoD’s Cyber Strategy for 2018 – An Analysis

Going through the latest DoD Cyber Strategy for 2018 it should be clearly noted that several key new developments are continuing to take place which are worth discussing in the broader context of real-time cyber threat intelligence cyber attack attribution and cyber attack prevention mechanism which today are taking place primarily courtesy of the U.S DoDRead More

Introducing – Cyber Threat Intelligence Portal

Dear blog readers, I wanted to take the time and effort and introduce you to my latest project called where you can find quality research articles in a variety of topics that I will be publishing on a daily basis with the idea to bring back the spirit of my editorial years and to continue spreading quality data information and knowledgeRead More E-shop Owner Information

Who is Dancho Danchev?

Focused on delivering daily batches of personally-produced never-ending supply of high-quality and never-published and released before classified and sensitive Intelligence Deliverables.

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