Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

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Welcome to Unit-123 – Official Launch Announcement

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Welcome to Unit-123 – The World’s Leading Cyber Threat Intelligence Portal! Managed and operated by Dancho Danchev – The World’s leading expert in the field of cybercrime research security blogging and threat intelligence gathering – the portal aims to produce educate and inform the Security Industry and the average Internet user on various key topics – including Cybercrime Research Threat Intelligence National Security Hacking and Information Security – ultimately empowering thousands of users on a daily basis with the necessary data information and knowledge on stay ahead of current and emerging cyber threats.

  • Cybercrime Research
  • Threat Intelligence Gathering
  • OSINT Research
  • Geopolitical Research
  • Cyber Warfare Resources
  • Information Security Tools
  • Hacking Tools and Commentary
  • Cyber Jihad Resources

The portal and its operator – Dancho Danchev – aims to produce actionable Threat Intelligence including Security News commentary and various techniques tools and methodologies on a daily basis – with the idea to help educate and spread data information and knowledge – reaching out to the Security Industry and the average Internet user – empowering thousands of users on a daily basis with high-quality never-published before Security and Cybercrime-type of research.

Interested in reaching out to the Portal Operator – Dancho Danchev – with your questions feedback and general questions and feedback? Feel free to approach him –

Yours sincerely,

Dancho Danchev

Unit-123 – Management and Operator

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