Cyber Warfare

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In today’s modern information-driven Battlespace it should be noted that a vast majority of today’s modern cyber attacks continue getting launched by public and well-known government-sponsored and government-tolerated entities further causing havoc on their way to achieve their objective including a vast majority of fraudulent and cybercrime-friendly clusters of malicious activity further causing billions in fraudulent losses on their way to achieve global domination in the World of Cyber Warfare and Cybercrime. aims to empower the average user with the necessary data information and knowledge to stay ahead of current and emerging cyber threats potentially improving their situational awareness and online competitiveness further discussing a rich-variety of topics in a variety of areas offering personal perspective and the necessary business angel to reach to a new generation of Pro-Western Cyber Warriors.

Whether you’re positive that the NSA the CIA or the DoD did it including your mom – it should be noted that that’s to a vibrant Cybercrime ecosystem personally attributable data can be easily harvested including the actual technical collection of the associated and necessary data further leading to a possible offensive operation and operation disruption including possible take-down efforts and actual prosecution of the malicious attacks responsible for some of today’s leading and most prominent cyber attacks campaigns.

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