October 25, 2020


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Hacking Services

In a World dominated by ethical and unethical competition it should be clearly noted that a commercial off-the-self Ethical and Unethical Hacking Service targeting thousands of currently active Unit-123.org users should become commercially and publicly available potentially serving the needs of users including vendors and enterprises potentially auditing and offering general hacking and security advice potentially empowering users and organizations with the necessary commercial hacking services to stay on the top of their game.

Sample Hacking Services Currently Offered Include:

  • Ethical Hacking Services
  • Unethical Hacking Services under NDA in the form of Target of Opportunity and Potential Tailored Access Operations type of commercial services inventory
  • Social Engineering and Spear Phishing on Demand including individual and organization Security Awareness Testing and General Security Knowledge Assessment
  • Remote Access Tool Development and Target of Opportunity including Tailored Access Operations Individual or Organization Compromise under NDA including general Security and Hacking Target of Opportunity including Tailored Access Operations type of Assessment
  • Ethical and Unethical Penetration Testing Commercial Services

I can be reached at dancho.danchev@hush.com

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