Malicious Software Products

Today’s modern malware ecosystem prompts for a systematic and in-depth analysis of today’s modern malware threats potentially exposing millions of users globally to a multi-tude of malicious software.

We’re proud to announce the general availability of a commercial malicious software products based type of commercial service which includes actual malicious software copies and samples made exclusively available for research and educational purposes only including the actual availability of Malicious Software Artifacts including malicious software packers crypters RATs (Remote Access Tools) trojan horses worms and viruses including actual keylogger samples including the actual source code for the malicious releases.

Approach Operator – Dancho Danchev – [email protected] E-shop Owner Information

Who is Dancho Danchev?

Focused on delivering daily batches of personally-produced never-ending supply of high-quality and never-published and released before classified and sensitive Intelligence Deliverables.

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